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crocodile kills human

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I was still terrified, I admit, but after a few moments the initial terror and surprise wore off and I started to think. It wanted me for something, there was no reason to keep me alive otherwise, and the image of that pulsing, veined cock flashed in my brain. I looked down once more to see if perhaps I was mistaken, but it still hung between the monsters legs, twitching. I was admittedly more intrigued seeing it the second time and the warmth from my first glimpse returned moments later. The beast must have sensed this, as it leaned forwards and sniffed me, then growled and pulled me down towards its animalistic erection.

Now its true I was intrigued, looking back on this moment maybe even a little excited, but being thrust so quickly towards it startled me and I kicked unthinking. I hit the creature’s stomach, causing it no harm, but surprising it nonetheless. It was surprised enough to drop me and I crawled away on all fore’s, not thinking that I was giving the beast a full view of my bare ass, and wet cunt through the sheer fabric.

The Minotaur seemed in no rush to chase me, however, merely observed, straitening itself to a more upright position. I reached the edge of the room and turned around, putting my back against the wall. The beast stood in the middle of the room lit by the candles on the table, its pink, fleshy rod standing out against its brown fur. For the first time I noticed its pendulous balls that hung below that thick meat, and my eyes widened. They were huge, each the size of my own head. I couldn’t help but think of the drowning load this animal was capable of producing. I found myself captivated by the idea, even aroused, my loins growing more lubricated with ever second that I thought of milking that magnificent cock.

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