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Wow! There Debbie was. My little pony. The soft supple ass with the tail. Her leather body harness, the bit gag all contributed to a visual image that made me want to just take her without any preliminaries. My cock was raging and I decided I could take no more.

I lifted the tail out of the way and gave a slight tug so Debbie could feel the plug in her asshole. I placed my cock between the leather straps of the harness that framed debbie’s cunt and plunged forward. I was balls deep in that hot hungry pussy and it began convulsing around my cock instantly. I thrust back and forth and in and out…in and out…in and out. I had set up the mirror in the stable so Debbie could watch herself get bred. Get fucked. Get used. Get filled up with sperm over and over again. I pulled on Debbie’s hair and commanded her to look at herself. She could not believe the sight see saw in the mirror. She did not recognize the wanton whore pony in the mirror. The cum slut with heavy make-up and with a rubber horse bit in her mouth. The man behind her was pulling her hair. She was tied down to this what? What was this? A piece of furniture designed for fucking?

But what Debbie had difficulty wrapping her head around was the fact it was sooo liberating. The bondage allowed her spirit to be free and to experience a sensuality she had never experienced before. Though she struggled in her bonds beneath her master, she craved more. Debbie could feel the nipple clamps biting into her nipples and it made her clit swell against master’s cock as it sawed viciously in and out of her hungry wet pussy. Debbie could smell the raw smell of sex fill the stable and realized the noise she heard was actually her own moaning behind the bit. She bit down hard onto the bit as the whole scene made her cum unexpectantly. Debbie screamed and saw stars as her pussy gushed and contracted over her master’s cock.

I was crazy with lust and told Debbie to look in the mirror at my eyes as I fucked her. I told her I was about to cum. My balls bounced off of her ass and the bench would come up slightly off the floor with each of my hard deep relentless thrusts. I was white hot and could think only of my release deep into the pony pussy of my cumslut Debbie.

And then, I fell off the precipice. I saw stars as I fell down, down, down into oblivion. I came to consciousness laying on top of Debbie and both of us breathing in long heavy gasps. Our bodies were covered in a layer of sweat and musk. MMMMMMM I reveled in the feel of my body touching Debbie wanting to be everywhere at once.

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