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“No, No!. I don’t like it!” screamed Angie “Take it out. Take it out now!!”

Angie hated that Steve was doing this to her. How could he put a sausage into her? And why wouldn’t he stop? Why wouldn’t he listen to her.

“Take it out Steve! Take it out now!” She cried, getting angry now. ” I don’t want to catch an infection.”

“Oh just relax and try to enjoy it.” replied Steve. His cock was throbbing as he saw the sausage buried deep inside her. He found this to be so kinky and such a turn on.

Angie tried to blank it out of her mind. This was really too much. First she was tied up against her will and now she had a sausage stuck in her. A Sausage! Really, this was disgusting. How could her husband do such a thing to her? She could feel him licking her clitoris and she tried to ignore the electric jolts it was sending to her pussy. She could feel the sausage stuck deep in her. It didn’t hurt and it really didn’t feel uncomfortable. If she thought really hard about it, it felt just like a cock in her.

“Just lick me Steve. Please!” She pleaded. “Take the sausage out!”

Steve started to lick with more fervour now. He moved his hand up to the sausage and slowly started to move it in and out of her pussy as he continued licking her clitoris. Steve kept up the double stimulation, maintaining a slow rhythm, moving the sausage in and out of her. He could see her body starting to respond. With his tongue on her clitoris and his right hand working the sausage, he moved his left hand up to her breast to tease her nipple.

“Oh God! What are you doing?” cried Angie. Her body was betraying her now. She couldn’t ignore the fire that was building in her. She new she was sopping wet and she could hear the sausage making a squishy sound as it fucked into her.

“Lick me harder, don’t use the sausage. Oh fuck the sausage harder!” Angie moaned, aware that she was giving contradicting signals. “Oh shit, it feels so good I don’t know what I want.”

Steve continued his licking and probing with the sausage. His left hand kneaded and tweaked her nipples. He fucked the sausage faster inside her. The squelching sound was getting louder and he could taste her juices as they flowed from her pussy. His jaw and hands ached as he licked her, tweaked her nipples and sausage fucked her harder and faster.

Angie’s hips were raising and fucking back on the sausage and his mouth as her orgasm built.

“You bastard!” cried Angie “Lick me hard! Don’t stop! Fuck me with that sausage!” Her hips continued thrusting and her hands strained at the restraints.

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