UYAC Fivehead Exposé – Part 1 Fivehead Nathan Lyon

UYAC Fivehead Exposé – Part 1 Fivehead Nathan Lyon

Fiveheads may appear like you and I. They may look normal at first but the truth is they are not like us. They have a bag of tricks up their sleeve to mask the abnormalities which will shock you.

Here are UYAC we have captured Fiveheads in their natural habitat in a world exclusive exposé which will send shivers down your spine.

Part 1 exposed Australian cricketer Nathan Lyon.

Fivehead Australian Cricketer Nathan Lyon  Fivehead Nathan Lyon

Doesn’t it seem strange that a grounds keeper in South Australia can somehow become the Australian record holder for the most Test wickets taken by an Australian off-spin bowler? As you can see clearly in this scoop captured by UYAC paparazzi in a rare shot without his baggy green cap, Nathan Lyon is in fact a Fivehead. This would no doubt explain his super powers and how easily he infiltrated such a prestigious institution. Fivehead Nathan Lyon we have our eye on you.

Shane Warne is a cheat

Fivehead Nathan Lyon moved from Young to Canberra as a teenager where he went on to play for ACT Cricket’s under-17s and under-19s representative teams. Lyon played for Western Districts and University of Canberra Cricket Club in ACT Grade cricket and debuted for the ACT Comets in 2008 in the Cricket Australia Cup against the South Australian Second XI where he claimed a wicket on day one. During his time with Comets Lyon was mentored by captain, and later captain-coach, Mark Higgs, who helped him in his spin bowling, getting his bowling action right as well as the tactical side including what lines to bowl and fields to set. After Lyon left the Comets he continued to keep in contact with Higgs in regards to the game.

In 2010 Fivehead Nathan Lyon moved to Adelaide and worked as a member of the ground staff team at the Adelaide Oval. He played for the Prospect Cricket Club in the South Australian Grade Cricket League while continuing playing for the Comets in the Futures League. After Lyon’s performance in the 2010 Futures League Twenty20 in December for the Comets in Melbourne which South Australia’s Twenty20 coach Darren Berry witnessed he was selected to play for the Southern Redbacks in the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the UYAC Fivehead Exposé

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