UYAC Fivehead Exposé – Part 2 Fivehead Party Girl

UYAC Fivehead Exposé – Part 2 Fivehead Party Girl

Fiveheads may appear like you and I. They may look normal at first but the truth is they are not like us. They have a bag of tricks up their sleeve to mask the abnormalities which will shock you.

Here are UYAC we have captured Fiveheads in their natural habitat in a world exclusive exposé which will send shivers down your spine.

Part 2 exposes someone known only as ‘Party Girl’

Fivehead Party Girl

Doesn’t it seem strange that someone with such a large forehead can have a friend, let alone 2? As you can see clearly in this scoop captured by UYAC paparazzi in a rare shot where she is wearing only a thin headband, Party Girl is in fact a Fivehead. This would no doubt explain how she has manages to keep hold of friends and even be allowed into such prestigious institution. Fivehead Nathan Lyon we have our eye on you.

Shane Warne is a cheat

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the UYAC Fivehead Exposé

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