Best Paper Airplane Designs

Best Paper Airplane Designs

Paper Airplanes have been around long before the cave man invented rock, paper & scissors.

UYAC have sources the best designs which will give the the best paper airplanes in regards to distance, speed and whatever it’s called to describe how long it stays in the air. Probably flight time but I’m not an astronaut so go fuck yourself.

Want to impress your hot girlfriend with an awesome paper airplane? These designs are for you.
Sick of throwing balls for your dog? These designs are for you.
Mum giving you the shits and you wish you could poke her god damned eye out? These designs are for you.
Need to send a love letter 5 doors down and there’s a mother fucking tornado in the way? These designs are for you.
Need an efficient way to send shit covered paper to your arch nemesis at work? These designs are for you.
Penis so small that only a paper airplane designed to stay in the air for over 15 seconds will save your relationship? These designs are for you.
Want to come out of the closet but can’t afford to buy a scooter? These designs are for you.
Left over paper from fucko’s fish and chips and bin is too far away and you’ve eaten too many crab sticks? These designs are for you.

As you can see whatever is happening in your life there is a design which will suit your need.

Best Paper Airplane Designs

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