Samsung Galaxy S7 – iPhone Killer?

Samsung Galaxy S7 – iPhone Killer?

No. It’s just the Samsung S6.

Samsung S7

YOU GOT ME PREGNANT!” Jessie bellowed again. James stared at her.

‘Awh no… I’m in deep trouble now!’ James thought. He started to sweat a bit, but then Jessie slapped him again.

“Thanks to you, we missed the twerps!” Jessie snapped, giving him a big pounder on the cheek. James blinked twice before yelling, “OWWWW!”

Meowth finally caught up with them. The two messed up teens gave some angry glaces at the cat pokemon, and he held his errr… paws up. “Hey,” he answered, “at least it wasn’t my idea to give da lovely ladys her some pokemon meat for da 3 nights k?” This earned James another slap.

“Stop it, or I’ll give you some Seviper meat tonight!” James threatened loudly. Jessie then found a nearby bush and vomited in the bush.

Meowth tugged his shirt and pulled him down. “Yous got her vomiting again. She’s so gonn’ kill you.”

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