Star Wars – Dinner with the Solos

10 things Han Solo doesn’t want you to know

Star Wars Dinner with the Solos

Harrison Ford, Adam Driver and Carrie Fisher take a well earned break to chat to us here at UYAC Weekly. When asked how things have been since their breakaway hit ‘Star Wars’ they were more than willing to respond. “Yeah the kids at school don’t tease me much these days.” a cheeky Adam Driver laughed as his mum, Carrie Fisher rubbed her knuckles on his head. “We’re just a regular family trying to make the world a better place.” added Harrison Ford.

Star Wars The Force Awakens which is currently in cinemas is the first time the family has been together in a movie and let’s hope it won’t be the last.

“Growing up most kids had a pet dog, but I had a robot soccer ball called Kip.”

Shut your fucking mouth Kylo Ren.

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