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Who says you can’t meet good guys in clubs?

In July 2008, I was on vacation in Melbourne, and one Saturday night, my girlfriends and I decided to go out to a nearby club. When we arrived, Craig, the bouncer, let everyone in except me.

My “friends” all went in without realising I’d been left behind, and you can imagine how upset I was until I realised why he’d pulled me aside. Craig asked for my phone number and whether I wanted to stay for drinks after the bar closed in a few hours. Even though I was on vacation, I answered yes since I didn’t think he’d let me into the club if I said no!


We had a great time that late morning; beverages began at 1 a.m., and we talked on the phone every day for the next year. During that time, I was able to fly down from Perth once, but it got too much for me. We disliked being separated, so Craig relocated from Melbourne to Perth.

We lived together for about a year, and one evening he planned a great, romantic dinner at my favourite restaurant, Fraser’s, but I was so weary from working all day that I cancelled, preferring instead for a casual supper at home. Craig had spent weeks looking for the ideal ring and organising everything, and he had planned to propose that night.

“We ended up eating pizza and watching movies in the dark.”

Kate Powell

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Craig’s eagerness was too much for him, and he whipped out a ring under the light of the TV. I couldn’t see anything and said, “What is it?”

He put it on my finger (by this point, I’d realised what was going on) and we both burst out laughing when I said, “YES!”

We’ve been engaged for about a year and plan to marry on April 7 of next year (2012).

To celebrate, we’ve planned a cocktail-style wedding for 150 of our closest friends and family. To match the theme, our wedding cake will be made of cupcakes, and we have a rather large bridal party of four bridesmaids and four groomsmen.

Author: Kate, 24 Sales Assistant, Perth, WA, Australia

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