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All you need to know about anniversary milestones

“All you need to know about anniversary milestones”


1st anniversary: Paper 

You survived your first year as a married couple! And, in honour of this significant achievement, your first-anniversary gift should be made of paper, to represent the new novel you are creating together.


2nd anniversary: Cotton
Cotton Cotton is the way to go for your second anniversary; this one depicts the bond that you are knitting together, two knitted into one, producing a stronger relationship. A soft, attractive gift, such as a robe, could be a nice present for your partner in this case.

3rd anniversary: Leather
Leather denotes persistence and resistance, and when you think about it, leather evolves through time, changing its shape and surface to its surroundings. As a result, a lovely leather gift could make your loved one very happy.

4th anniversary: Linen
Your gift for your fourth anniversary should be linen, which indicates conquering the bumps, ups, and downs to finally approach a smoother road for the future, which is represented by linen.

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5th anniversary: Wood

As trees are a symbol of strength, you should have some roots by this point in your marriage that will strengthen your connection while you grow together. Giving a wood gift represents this.

10th anniversary: Tin

Wow, they’ve been together for a decade! That’s incredible! This milestone is celebrated by giving a tin gift, a substance that does not rust or wear down, which symbolises preservation and how long your marriage has lasted.

25th anniversary: Silver

Silver, as one of the most precious metals on the planet, represents the ongoing and perhaps everlasting sparkle of your relationship. May your marriage remain as gleaming and lovely as silver.

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30th anniversary: Pearl

Pearls reflect the hidden beauty of your partnership after 30 years together, evolving together, taking the time to grow into something beautiful, just like a valuable pearl does inside its shell.

40th anniversary: Ruby

A ruby represents love, passion, and the flame that burns in both of your hearts year after year, keeping your love alive.


50th anniversary: Gold

50 years together is something you could only dream about at the start of your relationship! This landmark is represented with gold, which represents strength, prosperity, and knowledge. The ideal present for such a momentous occasion.


Diamond 60th anniversary

Look how far you’ve come together; 60 years of sharing and caring for one another could only be represented by diamonds. The most powerful jewel of them all, representing beauty, originality, and, most importantly, your everlasting love.

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