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Creating a Daily Love Goal

I’d argue that the road to relationship sorrow is also paved with good intentions. Please let me know if this sounds familiar. You truly want to be more romantic, compassionate, sensual, or fun, but you forget. Why? Is it because you’re a clumsy jerk with the romantic ability of a sponge? Is it because you value your work more than your friend? Is it because you’re simply too tired? No. It’s because you’re a person with good intentions, but intentions aren’t enough.

“OK, Cheryl, how can I make my partner feel more important and loved?” you may wonder. Every day, make an effort to DO something that makes them feel unique. If you’re anything like me, you’d like some assistance in translating what you think you should or want to do for your partner into relationship outcomes. And I have the perfect instrument for you: make daily love goals.

This love hack was built in collaboration with my hubby. We wanted a simple approach to express our desire to build an outstanding partnership filled with affection and appreciation. So we created a morning ritual to help us transition from intention to action. He offers me a cup of fine tea and gets into his comfortable chair, a cat on his lap and a steaming cup of espresso. We establish one basic objective—an actionable goal that will improve our relationship—and resolve to do it that day.

Here are the steps to creating your own daily love goal:

Make a morning routine. Something you and your partner enjoy. Then, before you begin, take a few attentive seconds together. Share your goals for the day with one another. For example, “Today, I aspire to send you a sensual, loving text at lunch,” or “Today, I aspire to stroke your shoulder and ask about your day.”
Thank your partner once they have shared their ambition.Set a reminder so you remember to do what you said you would do (I like creating notes. My darling checks his phone and sets an alarm). You are more likely to fail if you do not establish signs to help you put your goal into action. Yes, the way to hell…
Take some action.

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Taking action gives you strength. I can teach you all you need to know about finishing a triathlon. However, unless you take action (for example, buy a bike, lace up your running shoes, and plunge in the water), all you have is the intention to finish a triathlon. And it isn’t going to get you off the couch, let alone to the finish line.

Don’t get me wrong: intentions are crucial. When you make an intention, you determine what is most important to you. You’ve concluded that this is critical if you want to compete in a triathlon. This is an essential initial step. If you look at your love connections through this lens, you might establish goals like being a better listener, making more love, or even returning playfulness to your time with your sweetie.

Okay, but how can you ensure that you truly do what you say you’re going to do?

Make a goal for yourself. This acts as a link between intention and action. Using the triathlon as an example, you could set a goal of jogging for twenty minutes today. This action brings you a step closer to your objective. If one of your relationship goals is to be kinder, you could resolve to talk in a kind tone of voice today, even if you are impatient or frustrated. That aim is a precise, quantifiable objective born of your good intentions.


I teach couples how to create love that lasts a lifetime rather than just waiting for it to happen, but even a “love expert” needs reminders to put what I teach into practise. So, if you want to improve your relationship, make specific love goals and then work towards them. That is how you can get off the path of relationship abyss and take deliberate steps towards more love, passion, and happiness.


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